Snowmageddon at Wynott Farm

By January 25, 2016Goats, Uncategorized

When there is a prediction for 24-36 inches of snow on the small but sturdy Wynott Farm, what is a person to do but PREPARE?

Snow Prep at Wynott FarmThe Wynott Farm goats, all together for warmth during the blizzardOn Thursday afternoon, as we approached the beginning of what was predicted to be a record breaking storm. I reviewed the checklist of things I did not want to forget to do to prepare the animals and their housing.  As an animal owner, it is our responsibility to do everything that we can to keep our animals safe and warm.  Of course, sometimes the unavoidable happens, and an animal wanders out away from the rest of the herd and can’t find the way back, or (as my friend Maryann can attest) a weasel decides to attack the chickens the night of a major storm and the poor dears freeze to death out of fear of going into their coop.  But we do what we can.

Thursday’s Checklist for Wynott Farm

  • Fill up the water trough and disconnect the hose so the plow can get through without tearing it up. — Done.
  • Carry 14 bales of hay to the barn so that we will have plenty when we can’t get the gator there for 2 weeks. — Done.
  • Reinforce the overhang in the chicken run so the snow doesn’t tear down the entire run. —
  • Get extra animal food. — Done.
  • Move the 2 goats from the small pen to the large one so all 7 goats can keep each other warm. — Done.
  • Get extra gas for the generator. — Done.
  • Move snow shovels to the porch so we can start to shovel after the snow. — Done.
  • Make sure we have plenty of propane in the tank for a couple of weeks. — Done.
  • Move the cars to the front part of the road so we can get out of our icy drive. — Done.
  • Last but certainly not least, go to the grocery store, and buy coffee and milk and bread.  What else would a Virginian do when snow is coming? — Done.

So ready we were.  But all of the preparation did not calm my nervous heart as I anticipated this huge storm and the potential for power outages and days closed into the house. . . . But we were ready.

Tomorrow, stop by to hear about the beauty of the snow and the adventures of the day here at Wynott Farm over the weekend. . .

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