We started in goats in the summer of 2010 with an already established mini-herd of 1st generation mini-nubian goats. We love life with our goats, and are working hard at improving the quality of our animals. Since that time, we have added new goats, and improved our herd with some wonderful additions. They provide us with companionship, a reason to get out of the house on a cold winters morning, and with sweet, creamy milk with which we produce our goat milk soap.

Our farm is named after the farm that Bob grew up on. His parents, in an attempt to lure their sons away from the wiles of the city, moved their family from Saverna Park, Maryland to New Melly, Missouri. They found a lovely small farm with about 40 acres, named it Wynott Farm, and proceeded to fill it with all sorts of animals. They got horses, sheep, dogs, and pigs. They moved back to Virginia in 1975, but those memories of Wynott farm stay fresh in the minds of all 4 of the brothers. In honor of those memories, we named our farmette, Wynott Farm.*** Update, although the photo states Crozet, Virginia, Wynott Farm has moved to Buckingham County Virginia where our growing herd has lots more space  to eat and play!!


Wynott Farm - Mini Nubian Goats and Goat Milk Soap