Esther is a beautiful 1 generation 80/20 doe that we purchased in the spring of 2011 from Sol-Or farm.   She has a beautiful roman nose, pendulous ears and a very dairy build.  She produced 5 1/2 lbs of milk per day on her first freshening, and 6 1/2 lbs per day during her second freshening.  She has long, very easy to milk teets and is simply a dream to milk.   We call Ester the sweetest girl in all the world!!


Sol-Orr’s Esther

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These 2 pictures were 1 week after her first freshening.

IMG_2168 (533x800) IMG_2171 (533x800)

second freshening udder after 10 hour fill.



Sire-Springs Run TF Huckleberry Finn

Sire’s Sire–Springs Run ThorFinn

Sire’s Dam–Springs Run HS Keiko

Dam-Chribrydon Echo’s Eloise 7*M

Dame’s Sire–Pampatike Ely’s Ambrose *B*B Pampatike Ely's Ambrose

Dam’s Dam–Kismet CC Echo-Echo 6*M