Journey is a wonderful doe that we got from Green Gables in 2012.  She was one of her wonderful Molly O’Malley’s last kids.  Her first freshening was a great year.  She produced 5 lbs of milk a day at her peak.  She has a lovely udder with great medial ligament support, and is very long with great body capacity.

In 2015, she produced an amazing 8 lb of milk a day at peak.   She has a wonderful personality and is a great mom.  She certainly is a credit to her mother Molly O’Malley!

This is Journey as a 6 month old kid

Green gables Journey to wynott1

And this is her at 2 years


IMG_2175 (533x800)


First freshening udder, four weeks fresh.  We leave kids on the dam and unfortunately, little Maya had a distinct preference for her left udder….thus, she is a little uneven in this pic.  By the end of the season, she was much more even.