Shannon Update

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Just a quick little post to let anyone who was wondering know that our sweet little Shannon is doing wonderfully.  Day by day she has gotten stronger and her neck is looking more and more normal.  She is eating well, and even runs and plays with the other 6 goats here at Wynott Farm.  She is so sweet and just loves to sit on my lap.  Perhaps because of all of the neck messages that she got during her early days.  Journey has been an amazing momma and really gave her lots of extra special attention when she was having a little difficulty latching on.  She just nuzzled her gently on till Shannon found the source of all good nutrition.


Oh, Did I fail to mention that Esther also kidded.  Last week, on Thursday, she delivered two darling moon spotted doelings.  That makes our count for this year 5 does and 2 bucks so far.  Two more does due in June so keep watching


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