Re-Stocking and Creating New Soaps

By January 18, 2016soap
Chickens Will Rooster Wherever, Even a Cold Metal Railing

Where else is a chicken to roost

The holidays are over, family is gone, and we are back to the day-to-day routine here at Wynott.  Bob and I both are back to our regular day jobs (which by themselves keep us on our toes) and back to the routine of chores for the animals and soap work.

The goats and chickens are not overly fond of the cold weather of winter.  We keep a nice thick layer of straw on the floor of the barn to keep that warm for the goats, and we try to let the chickens out to free range as much as possible.  Who wants to stay in a frozen (or muddy) run all day long?  So where does a chicken go when they get out of the run? To the walkway railing of course.  So glad we went to the effort of providing them a place to rest on their busy days of worm and bug catching….

Time to Restock These Empty Shelves with New Soap

Get a load of these empty shelves


As I look at the shelves of soap, some of them are a bit bare, and in need of a bit of stocking.  This weekend, I wrapped 80 bars of new soap and made two batches of soap to fill up our shelves again after the busy holiday season

Look at all that new soap

Now this is the way the shelves are supposed to look…good and full

We were almost completely out of Patchouli/Rosemary and Cedarwood/Rosemary, so they are now curing on the shelf waiting for orders to start pouring in.  Next weekend, we will make even more and then . . . some creativity.

Our newest offering, liquid soap - new soap here!

Our first half a gallon of liquid soap

Trying New Soap

We consider the months of January through March our creative time.  We have some really exciting new soap ideas for 2016 and can’t wait to get started on them.  We have read lots of wonderful reviews on the benefits of Charcoal soap so that will be–Item #1.  We also have had lots of requests for a beach- scented soap.  I have ordered some coconut and vanilla oils as well as some grapefruit to start working on that–Item #2.  And lastly, we have had some requests for a liquid hand soap–Item #3.  Cant wait to get working on these after one more weekend of stock build-up.

Keep an eye out here and the table at the City Market come spring for these wonderful new soap items, and grab some to try.

What do you think of these new ideas? Any particularly entice you?  

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