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Charlottesville City Market

By November 30, 2015Goats, soap, Uncategorized

For the third year in a row, we are gearing up to sell our goat milk soap at the Charlottesville City Market’s Holiday Market.  It is a wonderful time of year.  Goat Milk Soap at Charlottesville City MarketThe City Market has lots of vendors–food, jewelry and holiday craft vendors as well as the produce and market vendors that are there all year long.  The air is crisp, and people are gearing up for shopping for Christmas and other winter holidays.  We, as usual, are up at the crack of dawn, getting the car packed up and ready to set up for a start time at the market of 8:00am.

Bob usually staffs the booth at the market, so you will most likely see him there talking about the wonderful benefits of goat milk soap for your skin and sharing about the ingredients and why the essential oils that we use are so much better for your skin than the chemical fragrance oils that some soap makers use.  He will also be happy to tell you about the personalities of the wonderful goats that produce the milk for our soaps or about the due dates of each of our does as we wait for them to grow babies.

Bob’s Charlottesville City Market Day Ritual

cortadoAt 5;00 AM, Bob gets up to enjoy his rich, deep, tasty cup of coffee.  His coffee drink of choice is a Cortado, which is equal parts espresso and steamed milk.  He likes a bit of syrup for flavor and then sits down for some music before starting his day.  This is a special time in the mornings that really helps him get charged up for the market and the business of his Saturdays.   He leaves our house for the market at 6:15, gets to Charlottesville City Market, and sets up the booth.  He sets out a few bars of goat milk soap of each scent, sets out our shaving soap and sets, and then decorates. Then, he is ready to go for the day.  That is when he goes around and visits with the other vendors before all of shoppers start to arrive.

Bob’s Meet and Greet

If you only knew Bob 30 years ago, you would wonder if he is the same guy.   He used to be a bit of an introvert, and he was definitely not one to go looking for people to speak to, but now, the City Market is truly one of his favorite times of the week.  He simply loves to visit with the other vendors and customers as well.  You will find that his face is almost always smiling, and he will talk to anyone  about anything. Just get him started and see……

See you at the Charlottesville City Market every Saturday between now and Christmas from 8:00am  to 1:00pm at 100 Water Street at the top row of the market furthest from Market Street. 

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