Atlas, The Boxer, Our Family’s Best Friend

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Christmas holidays this year were a bit different here at Wynott Farm.  Our family did not come to visit until close to New Year’s, and Christmas itself was a bit of a challenge.  We lost an amazing pet and one of our “best friends.”  Although he did not start as a farm dog, he became an excellent one.  And although he started as a stud muffin, he became a member of our family.Always Attention, Atlas the Boxer

In January of 2004, the best little boxer puppy in all the world was born in a small town in Scotland.

In a previous life, before goats, Bob and I bred boxers and were in the midst of striving to develop a strong line of American boxers.  We had 4 adult boxers and a couple of puppies and made arrangements to import a boxer with great Italian breeding from a wonderful breeder, Camsail Boxers, in Scotland, as the corner stone of our breeding program.

In April of that year, we shipped this cute little puppy from overseas and picked him up from the baggage area at the airport.  Was he scared, shivering, and anxious after his trip in the airplane?  Absolutely not…. He bounded out of the air crate with a happy face and a look in his eye that seemed to say “OK, so what great adventure comes next?”

Although for a variety of reasons we really only had a couple litters of puppies after we got Atlas, we have never been sorry that we brought him home.

Our Boxer Atlas Keeps An Eye on the FarmyardAtlas loved to spend time with our family.  Although some male dogs wander to find the nearest attractive female and get blustery around other male dogs, that was never Atlas.  He enjoyed nothing more than the opportunity to carry a very large stick and hang around with the family and his other doggy buddies in the yard.  He was a dog that took great joy in his toys and was quite intense in his desire to get and maintain control of them.  Yet, he was welcoming of any other animal to our yard and into our home as long as we, his family, welcomed them.  He enjoyed watching the chickens and never chased one (boxers have a very strong prey drive, but if we told him no, no it was).  He loved to visit Ethel and Lucy through the goats’ fence and never got into as much as a tiff with them.

Atlas adored our children.  He greeted them with a full hearty wag of his little stubby tail from day one, and loved nothing more than seeing our kids walking through the front door.  He loved my mom when she came to live with us and seemed to have a sense of the care he needed to take around her as she walked with her walker.

Thus was our life with Atlas.  This wonderful dog, after 12 years as our family companion and pet, and 12 years of unabashed faithfulness, passed away on December 26.

Our Boxer Atlas, resting.

Atlas loved his head on a pillow. Almost human.

We will miss Atlas and his vibrance for doggy life, and Bob will truly miss his buddy….


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