First Birth at the farm

After much ado, we have babies.  We waited and waited. We woke up every 2 hours to check on goats in the middle of the night.  When their due dates came and went, we worried till we decided that we could not worry any more. Then we gave up and decided that the ladies would have their kids when they were good and ready.  We had 2 glorious full nights of sleep.  Then, on Thursday March 17, as I walked down to the barn to check on the ladies before I left early for a meeting at work, I glanced at Journey’s girl parts.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear?  Two little hoofs sticking out where they usually were definitely not.  I watched for a bit, and when no progress was being made, I decided to give a little assistance.

Bianca and her sweet babies

Bianca and her sweet babies

Now mind you, usually a bubble of slimy liquid presents before little feet, but so does lots of hollering and the latter was definitely not happening.  Just Journey, walking around the goat yard with little feet hanging out.  I have no idea how long this situation was going on, but it seemed like Journey was a little tired so on went the gloves.  With a little lubrication, I felt around a bit right inside and felt a little butt.  This little kid was breach (a perfectly fine birthing position) had her legs pulled up in front of her and just could not come out.  I pulled just a little on her legs and once they straightened, out she came.  Her brother was soon to follow, and the first two kids for the year had arrived.

Off to work I went, with Bob checking on everyone during the day.  Both kids had their colostrum, which is absolutely critical to their ability to make it through the first day, and then their ability to fight infection later.  And both were up moving about some.

By the time I got home from work, I looked at Bianca.  Oh my goodness.  Could she be laboring as well?  Well of course, there it was, a bubble coming from her girl parts.  Oh boy, within the next 30 minutes, 3 more kids were born with absolutely no difficulty at all.  All nursed, got colostrum, and were settled in for the night.

If only everything always went smoothly with kidding…..

Sweet Shannon with her head hanging down

Sweet Shannon with her head hanging down

By Friday, it became obvious that something was a little off with our most beautiful little girl,  Journeys first kid.  She

did not seem to be able to lift her head up.  She was able to nurse with a little assistance, but only with her head tilting to the side so she could get a teat, and only with a little support to keep her head up and in position.

So to the internet I  went.  I could only find 1 person who admitted to seeing anything like this and they suggested birth trauma.  They suggested putting the kid down.  Well that is not my way.  I will not give up!!!

So for now, we will do physical therapy 4 to 5 times per day.  We will help her get stronger and stronger and we will pull her through this birth injury.

Today, day 4, she can lift her head up even with her shoulders (this may not seem like much, but it is) and she can fill her belly by bumping her mommas udder ever so gently and holding her head up enough to grab hold of a teat without assistance.  Journey is amazing and is ever so patient with her sweet little girl…. and we hope and pray for more progress tomorrow.



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