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Going Purple With Alkanet Root

By December 14, 2015soap

Today, I tried something new! (We’re on a roll – first badger-hair brushes and now this!)

What Sells Soap

In order to better our product, I have been looking at other soap makers’ products and wondering, “Why does their soap sell?”, or “Why does it not sell?”  One thing that seems to make soap appealing is color.  So today, I determined to add a bit of color to some of our soap.  Now, I don’t want too much color.  I really don’t think that pink polka dot soap would be nice, and one thing I have determined about our soap as we change and grow, it that it must always be a great shower bar. Only so much change is in order.

Alkanet Root

I took a look at options for adding color.  We do want to continue to have a natural product that doesn’t contain a lot of extra junk.  So I found this colorant for purple called Alkanet Root Powder.  I have also found that some micas add color, and I may try those in the future. But for now, I was just looking for a bit of purple to add a swirl to our lavender soap.

I made our usual batch of soap, which will give us about 120 bars. I mixed all of the ingredients as usual and then blended the soap until it just barely reached trace, that is, the point where a trace of texture is left on the surface of the soap when you pour it.  It had to be just right so that the next step would leave a pleasing swirl.  At this point, I poured 3/4 of my batch of soap into the soap mold, tapped it down, and stirred the bubbles out of the mixture.  I then added some Alkanet Root Powder to the 1/4 of the mixture left in my bucket.  I blended this a bit longer with the emersion blender to make sure that the color was well mixed into the soap, then poured the purple portion slowly into the mold along with the white portion.  I used a shiskabob skewer to swirl the purple into the white portion of the soap and set it to saponify.  Then, I let it sit until the next day . . .

The Results

Adding Color to Our Goat Milk Soap

The top of the poured soap in the mold before cutting.

Goat Milk Soap with Alkanet Root to Give it Color

The swirled soap after cutting









I would love to get your opinion on the appearance of our newly swirled soap. Should I continue to add color to some of our other soaps?

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